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Supply Chain Glossary - Y

Supply Chain Glossary - Y

yield factor

A measurement of the yield of a process. For a specific process or operation, yield factor + scrap factor = 1. See: scrap factor, yield.

A budget procedure used primarily by governmental agencies, in which managers are required to justify each budgetary expenditure anew, as if the budget were being initiated for the first time rather than being based on an adjustment of prior-year data.

A performance standard developed by Philip B. Crosby to address a dual attitude in the workplace: people are willing to accept imperfection in some areas, while in other areas, they expect the number of defects to be zero. This dual attitude has developed as a result of the conditioning that people are human and humans make mistakes. However, the zero-defects methodology states that if people commit themselves to watching details and avoiding errors, they can move closer to the goal of zero defects. The performance standard that must be set is "zero defects," not "close enough."


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